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400 Bin: Umbrella


Keep your umbrellas out in the open and close at hand for the next rainy day in this graceful, angular bin, designed to keep floors dry and gain admirers at every glance. As shown: Marble PLA eco-resin with oak hardwood base, 16.2” Tall 16.34” Wide x 6.8” Deep




Height (H)

Length (L)

Width (W)

Waist Twist

Waist Length (L)

Waist Width (W)


About the Model No. 400 Bin:
There’s no need to hide your bin when it’s as elegant and shapely as this design. Use it for small object storage, or tuck it by the door as a beautiful umbrella stand.

Crafted of PLA eco-resin and hardwood.
Hardwood base with soft pads prevents scratches to floors.
Made to order and finished by hand in Oakland, CA.
Individually numbered and delivered to your door.

Size range:
(H) 6”-19”
(L) 6”-18”
(W) 6”-18”

Price range:

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