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Welcome to Model No.

Need help or have a question about an order?

Our team is eager to help —> info@model-no.com


Are you still in production?

We are not in production at this time, as we are in compliance with our local government mandated ‘shelter in place’ ordinance. Currently, that ordnance is lifted May 3rd. When the ordinance is lifted, we will resume production with new, very stringent company policies designed to keep our team operating safely.

These new policies include:

  • Operating our physical production line with the minimum of necessary staff
  • Upgraded daily sterilization procedures throughout our facility
  • Mandatory employee logging of all staff & customers they have come in contact with on a daily basis

How does this ‘shelter in place’ ordinance affect my order?

Currently we expect to be able to produce customer orders starting May 4th. However, that timeline could change as we receive new information from our local government. If you have questions about an order you’ve already placed, our helpful team members are still working and responding to customer emails.

Please email us at orders@model-no.com regarding any order-related questions.

If you have any general questions not regarding a placed order, we ask that you please contact us at info@model-no.com.

If I order now, when will I receive my order?

All orders made on or before May 3rd will begin production on May 4th (unless timelines for ‘shelter in place’ from our local government change) . At that time orders will be produced in the order in which they were received. Currently we estimate that slowdowns in shipment times will be minimal, and we will be able to maintain a 2 to 3 week production schedule, produced in order in which they were received.

As always, we will keep you informed via email on estimated ship times & when your order is completed and shipped.

What if I want to pick up my order at your shop?

If you have concerns about shipping or if you just can’t wait to see your order and would like to pick it up at our facility, we can accommodate you!

Once we resume production, we will have a designated area where you can retrieve your items locally at our shop.

Model No. is helping the COVID-19 fight!

That’s right. As of March 26th, Model No., Inc has been granted “essential business” status for our work in design and fabrication of necessary protective gear and other items needed at hospitals on the front line in the fight of COVID-19.

Learn more about what we are making & how to order.

And read the story of how it happened.

How is Model No. working responsibly to help ‘flatten the curve’?

We understand that social distancing is essential to shorten this outbreak. To do our part, we have mandated that all non-essential staff work from their homes until our government officials have deemed it safe to do otherwise.

We began our work from home policy before the shelter in place order was issued, so contact between employees has been reduced for some time. Those staff members who are working from home are conducting business as usual using virtual audio and video capabilities.

In addition to adhering to these precautions, a few of our staff members are going above and beyond to help out directly with the fight against COVID-19. As part of this ongoing effort, we are working to produce items in our fabrication facility for hospitals & doctors.

You can read more about what we are doing here.

Additional COVID-19 Safety Policies at Model No., Inc

For the duration of the outbreak, we have put the following additional policies in place:

  • Stopped all business travel for all team members
  • Upgraded our policies for our team that is on site
  • Begun cross-training team members to perform critical functions in the event of an unexpected absence or quarantine of another team member
  • Implemented required reporting of all on site team members as to which employees & customers they’ve come in contact with
  • Implemented policy requiring any and all on-site team members to report any potential COVID-19 related illness for themselves as well as members of their household. This will allow us to inform any employees or customers who may have been exposed
  • Recommended to all employees that they avoid visiting high-traffic events or locations and when possible to also avoid any form of public transportation.

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

If you have any additional questions for us regarding our COVID-19 policies, please reach out to us via email: info@model-no.com.


How do I create a custom design?

Each of our designs can be customized using our online tools to create truly unique pieces. Our configurator is fun and rewarding: you can adjust everything from the dimensions and contours to the color and finish materials. Every piece of furniture we create is made to order, so your Model No. is truly your own. Find out more about our customization tools.

Do I need to customize a design, or can I order a design as pictured?

Absolutely. If you love one of our designs just as it’s shown, you can order it without customizing by simply adding it to your cart.

Where are your products available?

Currently our products are only available for purchase online and select locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’d like to see our designs and processes up close, studio visits are available by appointment, Join our email announcement list to be the first to hear every time we release a new product line.


What are your products made of?

We are committed to using sustainable materials and a streamlined, on-demand, waste reducing automated manufacturing processes. Our 3D printed items are made of eco-friendly bio-resins which are sourced from plants and are recyclable and compostable. The wood parts are all Forest Service Council certified sustainably harvested from species domestic to the USA, and finished with a natural and durable linseed oil and beeswax. And what little metal parts we do use are infinitely recyclable aluminum or steel. Find out more about our eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials.


Do you offer a guarantee or warranty?

Model No. warranties that every product we create arrives to your door free from defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace any product that arrived defective in any way. For more information on our warranty, please check out all the details on our warranty / returns / recycle page.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All of our designs are made on demand once you place your order. Most products will be ready to ship within two weeks of your order placement.

Care and Maintenance

How do I care for Eco-Resin?

Everything we create is designed to last a lifetime or longer. It’s easy to keep your Model No. looking clean and new with just a little bit of care and maintenance. Please note, our products are intended for indoor use only, and both wood and PLA surfaces can be adversely affected by excessive heat or extended exposure to UV and/or direct sunlight.

PLA eco-resin 3D printed components: Keep the ridges of your PLA surfaces clean by dusting with a lint-free, soft cloth or sponge, and clean when needed with mild cleaning soaps, such as diluted dish soap or general non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid bleach, ammonia, and other harsh or abrasive cleaners which may damage the texture of the surface.

How do I care for the Hardwoods you use?

Hardwood surfaces and bases: Our hardwood surfaces are hand-oiled with a beeswax and linseed oil treatment. Avoid water marks by using coasters under glasses, mugs, or plants, and quickly wipe up any standing liquids. To clean and nourish your wood, dust frequently with a lint-free, soft cloth. Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays or harsh abrasives on your wood surfaces. Clean any sticky spots gently with mild soap or detergent and water, making sure to dry thoroughly, and rub with beeswax and/or linseed oil. Over time, surfaces may be renewed by gently sanding and refinishing with a similar natural finish. The schedule for this kind of maintenance varies according to climate conditions and use.

General Company

Where are you located? Can I come by and see your products in person?

Our lab and design studio is located at 2500 Kirkham St. in Oakland, California. If you’d like to see our designs and processes up close, visits are available by appointment.

When will you be releasing more designs?

We are just getting started! We intend to release new designs four to six times a year. We're just getting started! Join our email announcement list to be the first to hear every time we release a new product.

How can I find out about new product releases and future events?

Keep up with all things Model No. by joining our email announcement list.

You can also follow us online on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are a designer and would like to be included in our industry preview events, join our Design Insiders list.