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We are combining the power of 3D printing with environmentally friendly materials, elegant, modern designs, and small batch, digital manufacturing to create truly custom furniture and accessories that fit your home and your lifestyle. Curate designs as unique as your personal style, scaled to fit, made to order, and delivered right to your door.
The Tech Eco Rebels
We founded Model No. because we believe in possibilities. Standing at the intersection of technology and design, we have created truly custom, elegant, and sustainable products designed to elevate the spaces they occupy. We are a team of wild architects, super cool designers, innovators with good fashion sense, crazy talented fabricators, smart engineers, baller web developers and wonderfully dedicated support staff. We're proudly located in Oakland, California.

Design Philosophy

Design philosophy | Model No. Furniture

“Good design is a given, but something interactive and authored by you is an experience that makes for a memorable design, as great design has meaning.”


-Adam Weaver, Principal at Model No.

We believe in the elegance of timeless design and simplicity. We are inspired by nature’s elegant organic forms, thriving in the creation of new and unique objects that connect form and function. Hell yeah we do.

truly personalized design | Model No. Furniture

Our goal is to create tools that allow everyone to engage in the design process. We shun the “one size fits all” options of our current world, and strive to foster a creative process that results in furniture and accessories that reflect your own personal style, fit your space, and will last generations. We are making truly personalized design possible, allowing everyone to become the author of their environment. How killer is that!?

Our Team